Ilfracombe Town Councillors

Image of ilfracombe Town Councillors 2023-2024

The Town itself is split into 2 Wards; East and West, represented by 18 councillors.

The Town Mayor is Chairman of the Council; they are also the Civic Head of Ilfracombe, representing the Town at many civic and other functions.

The Full Town Council meets on the second Monday of each month, with the Staffing Committee, Planning Committee and the Finance & General Purpose Committee meeting on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Monday of the month respectively.   Meetings are usually held in the Council Chamber, The Ilfracombe Centre,  starting at 7pm. (Meetings dates and times are subject to change at the discretion of the Council).

How to become a Councillor

If you are interested in helping and serving your local community and would like to learn more about how to become a Councillor please click here to view the frequently asked questions or go to the National Association of Local Councils’ website where you can access all the information you need on how to get involved. 

Your Councillors

Image of Dan Turton Ilfacombe Town Council

Dan is the current Mayor of Ilfracombe and his introduction can be found HERE

Image of Trevor Huggins Ilfracombe Town Council

I stood for election to Ilfracombe Town Council in May 2023 because I want to help make the town an even better place for people to live and work. With its strong community spirit, Victorian history and wonderful setting, Ilfracombe has so much potential. Like other towns in North Devon, it also has its challenges, with housing and the rising cost of living being top of the list. At the same time, as a volunteer at the Ilfracombe Food Bank, I’m very aware of the kindness and generosity being shown to people who are struggling.

I’ve a background in journalism and communications, and am keen to use that experience to help promote Ilfracombe as a great place for tourism, investment and quality of life – so that everyone benefits.

Image of Mark Fay Ilfracombe Town Council

I joined ITC in May 2021 after standing in a by election. My work history is that I was a global service delivery manager for a large IT company. I wanted to combine my passion for our lovely town along with utilising the work skills I learned along the way. I joined the staffing committee and I am currently Chairman of Staffing, which although being very much a behind the scenes role, allows me to contribute in the best way I can. I am also currently your deputy Mayor, supporting Dan Turton. Dan is doing a wonderful job as Mayor and having seen his event’s schedule, I am certainly in no rush to take over from him! I will continue to support him from an administration perspective to keep him in the job!

Image of Pat Coates Ilfracombe Town Council

I am currently in my second term as a Town Councillor for Ilfracombe West.

Now having a better understanding of the issues and opportunities impacting our town I want to continue to help improve our town for both residents and tourists.

As well as sitting on the Planning and Environmental Committee I will also be working with my fellow councillors to update the Strategy for our town for the next 10 years.

In addition, I am a trustee for Lee Memorial Hall and act as a link between residents and the Town Council.

Image of Bert Gear Ilfracombe Town Council

Third  generation Ilfracombe born and breed

Now retired after working mainly in the telecommunications and oil industries at home and abroad, then running my own business in Combe  for over 20 years. 

I have been a town councillor for over 12 years and sit on both the Finance and general purposes, and staffing committees 

I am also a board member of the Ilfracombe Harbour Board. 

Having traveled extensively world wide, I still believe  Ilfracombe is the best place there is to live, I will do my utmost working with my fellow councillors to try to improve our wonderful town, 

Image of Val Gates Ilfracombe Town Council

In 2023 I started my third term as an Ilfracombe Town Councillor and in all that time my aspirations for the town have changed little. I still want to work toward strengthening the economy of the town which has lacked investment in that area for a long time.

I believe the creation of stable, long term employment will build the foundation blocks for the improvement in both housing and health. Additionally our young people need to know that they don’t have to leave Ilfracombe to establish their careers and establish their homes.

Leveraging Ilfracombe’s exceptional volunteer community and directing that effort toward projects that have the most immediate positive effect features high on my list I look forward to the next four years putting ILFRACOMBE FIRST in everything I do.

Image of Terry Elliott Ilfracombe Town Council

I have been a campaigner around the issues of housing, health inequality and poverty for many years.  I have been Ilfracombe Town Council Housing Champion for nearly 4 years and I realise more than ever how interlinked these issues are. My aspirations are always to fight to stop the loss or downgrading of  public services in Ilfracombe. Eventually I hope that through lobbying and highlighting these issues, we will see more and better services in our Town to meet the needs of our residents.

Through my work supporting constituents with housing issues and by linking with the key agencies tackling the lack of decent sustainable housing, I hope that there is a momentum to tackle this problem.  We must ensure that local people have access to safe, affordable housing with secure tenancies. We should have the services necessary to reduce health inequalities and we should be looking at how we can eliminate deprivation in our Town.

Image of Tonyy Ebert Ilfracombe Town Council

I’ve lived in North Devon for more than 20 years and think that Ilfracombe is a brilliant place to be.

I previously worked for a housing charity, in a local London council, as a teacher in a Further Education College and as a computer programmer for a mobile phone company.

In my opinion, Ilfracombe has been left on the sidelines by local and national government and it is up to us to fix the problems the town has with housing and health, among many other things.