Precept Statement to Residents January 2024

Dear Residents,

as part of our commitment to maintaining public services to the Ilfracombe community and to be as transparent as possible in all of our processes we would like inform you about the Ilfracombe Town Council precept which will form part of your Council Tax payments for 2024/2025.

The main factor contributing to the setting of the precept was the North Devon Council decision to transfer of all public conveniences in North Devon to local councils, particularly crucial in our holiday town.

To ensure the continuous operation and accessibility of these vital facilities, your Council has chosen to take responsibility for five toilet blocks. While this decision incurs expenses, we are actively exploring various revenue streams to mitigate the impact of these.

It’s important to note that this assumption of control will not immediately affect the current maintenance and service costs. However, it does necessitate an increase in the Ilfracombe Town Council element of your council tax rates.

The 2024/25 precept for Ilfracombe Town Council has been set as follows:

Precept 2023/24 – £312,000.00

Precept 2024/25 – £433,406.00

What this means on your Council Tax Bill:

Band D Council Tax 2023/24 – £89.12 per year

Band D Council Tax 2024/25 – £122.04 per year

For instance, in a Band D Council Tax property, the annual cost will increase from £89.12 to £122.04, equivalent to an extra 63p a week, or £2.74 a month.

We fully understand the financial impact and assure you that these measures are essential to sustain crucial amenities for our community.

Your support and understanding of what has been a difficult decision to come to is very much appreciated.